Auburn Gutter Repair


Our gutter systems can last for several decades, but like all things in our homes and commercial buildings, they may eventually need expert inspection and maintenance. As one of the major gutter companies serving the Auburn area, we perform a range of services including inspections, replacements, repairs and installations.

To keep them operating in proper working order, a normal inspection and regularly-scheduled cleaning will help reduce the potential for replacement.

The importance of expert gutter repair is to:

  • Avoid saturation of your foundation by redirecting rainwater away from the wall
  • Ensure that rainwater is directed off your roof and away from your structure
  • Defend your building structure and landscape investment
  • Preserve the siding, paint and trim
  • Protect the fascia from rotting

Simple preventative maintenance and timely gutter repairs are essential for protecting the long-term investment in your home or commercial building and your landscape. Call us today!

Auburn Rain Gutter Repair


We understand the important role of gutters for protecting your foundation, siding, roof, windows and landscaping from roof runoff. With the enormous volume of water shed by a roof during a rainfall, it is essential to have a properly functioning system to channel that water away from your home or commercial building structure.

With the potential for structural damage to the foundation and outside walls of your structure, rain gutter repair in Auburn is essential as your first defense against damage. These are common problems that can lead to serious damage, and can be diagnosed by our technicians:

  • Clogs and blockages normally caused by debris buildup like leaves and tree needles
  • Sagging or pulling away from the structure
  • Improper pitch that prevents proper water flow to the downspouts
  • Leaks
  • Insufficient number, size or effective placement of downspouts
  • Damaged downspouts
  • Loose fasteners
  • Joint separations
  • Damages from ice dams in cold climates
  • Normal wear and tear

While commonly ignored or neglected, these systems are vital in the prevention of water damage to building structures and landscapes. Call us today if you need an inspection, maintenance or gutter repair.

Auburn Gutter Repair Services


If you need gutter repair services in Auburn as a result of malfunctions that are creating water damage complications around your home or commercial building, we have the solutions.

Following an inspection that identifies the need for gutter repair, our expert technicians can provide services such as, but not limited to:

  • Re-attachment – screws and hangers
  • New fascia installations
  • Adjustments of improper pitch
  • Resealing joint miters
  • Replacement of leaking corners
  • Reattaching gutters and downspouts that are pulling away
  • Soffit maintenance
  • Flashing material replacement to divert water

Call Seattle Seamless Gutter for gutter repairs to protect your roof, siding and landscaping. (425) 880-9007